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Checklist functions

Checklist summary
We setup the item checklist to help the field service person perform their work and to prevent missing tasks (not to depend on memory). By following the check list items we ensure that all item work was performed and in case of new personal helping to follow the tasks for the job.
The set up can be for multiple level, from a general Work Order type to a specific item within the type of work is performed i.e. if a preventative maintenance or a troubleshooting. The levels of the checklist are Work Order Type, Product Line, and Item/product.
the input for the checklist form can be text, numbers, Boolean, selection list, signature, and pictures.
from the checklist Medulla can generate all kind of forms i.e. contract, regulation form, quote etc.


Checklist Setup screen
Multi Scheduling


Mobile device checklist fill


Sample of Checklist Forms
Below you can see few forms that were generated by the different checklists:
Checklist driven by Work Type that required to fill a form and use for payment.

Checklist that generated a contract.

Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Site Walk Form Checklist


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